Terra Lift

The Terra-lift process uses a 4-foot or 6-foot narrow probe to penetrate the soil around the septic trenches or seepage bed.

Once in the ground, it does several things at once:

It sends a blast of compressed air into the soil creating new cracks and fissures for liquids to pass through.

While the ground is still newly fractured, it sends very tiny polystyrene beads into the new fractures to keep them permanently open once the ground settles. The beads are ESSENTIAL to the longevity of this process.

The blast of compressed air disturbs the oily black coating (called the bio-mat) off of the soil surrounding the gravel which we vacuum to clean out with a vacuum Pump truck. This keeps the bio- mat from re-settling into the soil again.

Through trial and error, we have found this to be another ESSENTIAL component to prolonging the life of your newly rejuvenated septic system. Once the soil fracturing is complete your system will operate efficiently once again – GUARANTEED!

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